First Day Jitters

Going into the first day reporting at the Missourian, there was definitely nothing held back. I liken it to being thrown in the water without ever having gone swimming before. You drown for a little bit and freak out, then you slowly start to figure things out. You learn to be able to stay afloat just well enough until you can better hold yourself together.

That was just how this day went, minus sitting in the newsroom for five hours waiting for an assignment. With little experience on where to look to find news, I struggled at finding new ideas. 5 o’clock roles around and a release through from the Governor. My partner and I who had not had an assignment all day were suddenly having to play catch up on just why Gov. Nixon was calling a special session.

Slowly but surely, we hashed out the article that ended up on the front page the next morning. I couldn’t believe it, first day at the paper and end up with a front page story. Needless to say, that didn’t help my first day jitters because I knew I was to go back and have to find new stories, they wouldn’t all just simply fall into our lap like this one did. So I chalk it up as a successful first day, and I hope one of countless to come.

By the way, if you find yourself in Maryland, don’t wind up at the Terrapins practice. You might be blinded by those pants…or need I say, the all yellow version.

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