I was able to cover the homecoming parade Saturday morning on October 15. There wasn’t much to this story as it was pretty much event coverage, but there were a few challenges posed.

The main challenge was getting quotes from people that were not your run-of-the-mill homecoming quote. Such as something like “I think its great. Mizzou’s homecoming is one of the best.” That quote wasn’t from anyone, but its theme is common across many of the questions. I found asking them to give me homecoming memories and anecdotes was the most effective. Everyone I talked to usually had at least one vivid memory of homecoming and were willing to share.

The second challenge was finding a lead that was more than just about the parade. I couldn’t help but go with something about the SEC. It was just too ironic to not put in the lead.

The previous day I also covered the Homecoming Headquarters event. Not much going on there, but was able to talk to a few alumni.

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