Follow Up

The previous post regards a one-day story on fraternities and their new alcohol policy. In the rush of turning the story in one day, it was difficult to get a variety of sources and this showed. The story had three sources, but only sources inside the Greek community (1 director and 2 chapter presidents).

Just before the story was published, I received a call from an alumni in my fraternity who had been following the conversation among alumni through their email listserv. Various opinions were being thrown around on the listserv and I couldn’t help but notice this called for a follow up. Plus, I would have a chance to get through to the police department.

The first story also still left multiple questions unanswered. In the follow up to the story, I was able to analyze more of the details and get a wider range of sources. Now I had input from police and alumni including more detailed information from the director of Greek Life and Leadership who was in the first story.

This story did not receive as much reader attention as the first, I think because it was two weeks after with Thanksgiving in the middle, but I feel it did provide a much more balanced and accurate look at the pros and cons of the new policy.

This story is clearly something I could not have done in September of this year. I wouldn’t even know where to start. I felt little fear going into this story and was quite confident I could turn out quality work.

With more experience I’m sure I could have turned this out in half the time. Regardless of the timing of the article, I think it shows evidence of well thought out interviews trying to get at the heart of the matter. What really is the current alcohol situation in the Greek system and how is it going to change with the new policy? To some of the Greek community, I feel this is a taboo subject and many were reluctant to tell all the details of what goes on in some houses. However, after multiple conversations and learning to relate to sources on a personal level, I think I was able to shed some light on this issue.


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