I was sent last Wednesday to Fulton, MO. What’s in Fulton, MO you ask? I had the same question. As an out of state student at MU, I’ve rarely been outside of Columbia.

Fulton is home to two colleges, William Woods and Westminster College. (No not the Westminster College down the street from where I live in Utah). Little did I know, Westminster College hosts an annual symposium geared toward global leadership. Taking business from “global to the heartland, then from the heartland to the world,” was the symposiums unique aspect. How else would the former CEO of MTV International end up in Fulton, Missouri?

I didn’t realize it at first, but I was really grateful for this opportunity. It was the first time I was going out to cover something then return to write it on deadline. I was treated like a member of the press for the first time when they had reserved seats for me. There was little other media coverage there at the time and I had the entire section to myself.

After the lecture by Bill Roedy, a press conference followed. Well sort of a press conference. It was me and a reporter from KOMU. What was most interesting about this experience is how Roedy’s tone changed from the lecture to the press conference. I was really the only person there asking questions and his tone immediately became significantly professional.

I was expecting to hear his humorous and inspirational tone throughout the lecture but he instead was providing me with very professional quotes. No quotes such as, “I was the one who brought you all that extremely intelligent programming such as Beavis and Butt-Head, Jackass and Jersey Shore.”

The event gave me the opportunity to write more than just a business story. I had my first press conference experience. I was representing an organization professionally and therefore had to carry myself professionally. No excuses.

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