The Trifecta

After a hectic and nerve racking first week, somehow I ended up completing three stories.

The third story, one covering the creation of Mizzou Online has been my shortest, yet most confusing story. Mizzou Online is part of a merger between two distance learning offices at MU. I struggled to understand what each offices role exactly was, CDIS and Mizzou Direct. I think this was part of the reason for the merger between the two offices. To reduce confusion with students and those reporters like me.

Another reason I felt I struggled with this story was the fact I did not answer the right questions. I needed to be more specific in finding out the details I needed. It’s part of the learning process I guess and I only hope to get better. You live and learn as they say right?

My first week has been more successful than I could ever have imagined. Three stories, two in print, and one on the front page. I’m not in the profession to brag and that isn’t my goal here. It’s simply too hard to contain my excitement from the first week. This is a blog to discuss the difficulties and learning experiences I go through in my first reporting experience. I feel like I’m finally doing what I came to MU to do, practice journalism.

I’m also extremely happy with the editor I was assigned. Liz is always happy to see me and understands how I’m new to the game. She told me she was in the same position when she was my age. A first time reporter. It’s just what I needed in an editor. One who’ll help me float as I learn the ins and outs myself.

UniNews of the day: Corporate sports and the things they force athletes to do.

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