Weekend Shift

Had my weekend shift earlier today. One word to describe the day, slow. It was a beautiful day outside so we decided to do a short story on the day’s weather along with photos from around town.

To do this story, I had to go out and talk with community members. First, I was holding back because it’s not normal to go and speak with complete strangers, but it’s something I need to learn. Getting out of my comfort zone is what this semester is all about. So I remembered what we were told on orientation day. To determine what our fears are and go ahead and do them. Get them out of the way early so as not to fall behind. That’s been my philosophy the first two weeks. New to the reporting game, almost everything is out of my comfort zone, but I’ve tackled everything head on and come out better because of it.

Didn’t have as many posts this week because I’ve been working on a story that’s taking longer to turn. It will be up Wednesday or Thursday about the National Day Of Service and what’s going on in Columbia that day. Had 4 interviews this week and now the task is to sort out all of the information. Now time to get ready to go in tomorrow morning. No three day weekend here.

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